Six Hanged in Orumiyeh Central Prison for Drug Trafficking


Six prisoners on death row for drug trafficking were hanged on February 15, 2015 inside Orumiyeh Central Prison, according to a local source. The names of the six men are Saeed Bakhshali, Ebrahim Reyhani, Adel Kouhi, Khosrow Modiri, Rahim Soleimani, and Rasoul Ghadamyari.

The United Nations holds that drug-related crimes do not qualify as the “most serious” crimes for which capital punishment may be applied.

More than 100 other prisoners sentenced to death on drug-related charges remain inside the Orumiyeh facility, where death row inmates are routinely hanged in groups, according to the source.

The Orumiyeh Central Prison has been very active in carrying out execution sentences. Eleven executions were carried out at this facility between November 29 and December 29, 2014, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported on December 29, 2014. Earlier, twelve prisoners were hanged inside the Orumiyeh Central Prison between October 18 and October 29, 2014, nine of these for drug trafficking crimes, the Campaign reported in November.


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