Iran Features Heavily in the Latest WikiLeaks From Saudi Arabia

Written by Mahsa Alimardani

Iran and Saudi Arabia have long challenged each other for geopolitical influence in the region, most recently during the 'proxy war' in Yemen. Wikimedia image.

The new trove of WikiLeaks covering documents from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs speak to a preoccupation with their regional rival Iran.

So far, 23 documents from the cache are daily briefs from the ministry on Iran.

Social media users have also noted the focus on Iran in the cables. Of the 60,000 documents leaked so far, around 1,500 reference Iran or Iranian in English and Arabic. As more analysis of the documents emerge, the Foreign Ministry’s specific concerns in relation to Iran become apparent.

Some Saudi Arabian social media users have claimed the leaks as an Iranian hack; however, others have been quick to pour cold water on these claims.

Source: Global Voices - Citizen media stories from around the world

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