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Iran| Over 750 Estimated Executions (and Counting) in 2014

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617 reported executions unntil November 7th – by the end ogf the year, the official number should reach 750 while the unnoficial toll is estimated at 1,000 – 1,200.

It’s hard to sometimes get a feel for every single person executed in Iran.

A good way to start is to go through the list provided by Iran Human Right Documentation Center. Yes, there are murderers, drug dealers and rapists which might not bother you that much but then those who were executed for the crime of Moharebeh (“waging war against God”) or “harassment” should make you uncomfortable.

soheil-arabiYou should feel uncomfortable because in Iran, writing a post against the Prophet (Mohammad) or against the Supreme Leader (Khamenei) can lead to a death sentence just as in the case Sohel Arabi  while you can write anything you want against your president.


You should feel uncomfortable because in Iran, killing someone in self-defence can lead to a death sentence if you are an underage woman and if your husband was working for the ministry of Intelligence as was the case for Reyhaneh Jabbari while you don’t have to fear that you will be forced to marry someone you didn’t want to.

ayatollah-boroujerdi4You should feel uncomfortable because in Iran, if you hold beliefs that divert from the rulings of the Islamic Revolution, you will find your self on death row as in the case ofAyatollah Hossein-Kazamani Boroujerdi while you have the luxury to be able to criticize your government if you feel that it doesn’t represent you.

not_availableYou should feel uncomfortable because in Iran there is a long list of people executed for “N/A” – information “Not Available” – but most of the victims are listed as “Human rights

activists” and that should make you wonder just how much youdon’t know about what goes on in Iran.

And then, there is the fact that the judicial system in Iran doesn’t help to achieve a fair trial – human rights lawyers are jailed, prisoners are tortured and are sometimes refused the rights to meet their lawyers, judges are very strict when it comes to religious offences etc…

What makes all of this frustrating is that the president of Iran, Rouhani, is accepted as a moderate president who is striving to bring Iran closer to the West and yet, the rate of exectutions in his first year as president is the highest in decades – over 250 more yearly executions than under Ahmadinejad!

Source 24/7Iran

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