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MemorialOmid, a memorial in defense of human rights in Iran

17255 victims of state violence are in Omid
One day, each of them was unfairly and arbitrarily deprived of his or her life

The men and women whose stories you can read on this page are now all citizens of a silent city named Omid („hope“ in Persian). There, victims of persecution have found a common life whose substance is memory.

Omid’s citizens were of varying social origins, nationalities, and religions; they held diverse, and often opposing, opinions and ideologies. Despite the differences in their personality, spirit, and moral fiber, they are all united in Omid by their natural rights and their humanity. What makes them fellow citizens is the fact that one day each of them was unfairly and arbitrarily deprived of his or her life. At that moment, while the world watched the unspeakable happen, an individual destiny was shattered, a family was destroyed, and an indescribable suffering was inflicted.

Shabnam Sohrabi…

On Ashura Day, Ms. Sohrabi invited friends over to the house. She went out to collect provisions for the meal they would all share, maybe a lamb stew, some sweets.

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Shahrokh Rahmani…

What the authorities wanted from Mr. Rahmani’s family was to declare them, the police, harmless, after their vehicles spent part of the Day of Ashura driving over people.

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Sohrab A’rabi…

Mr. A’rabi had been missing from his family for 26 days.  A dispute arose between his mother and some officers after pictures of Sohrab were torn from the hallway walls.

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