URGENT: Stop the Illegal Deportation of Mitra Kahrom to the Misogynist Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mitra Kahrom was forced to endure extreme violence at the hands of a brutal husband whose crimes against Mitra are endorsed by a brutal and misogynist regime. Unable to tolerate life under such repression, Mitra went to the streets in protest against the Islamic Republic; she was identified and hunted by the regime. Subsequently, she fled to Sweden and has been openly and vocally active in organizations that oppose the Islamic Republic regime. Mitra has numerous grounds on which to claim asylum in Sweden. Despite this, the Swedish government wants to send her back to a place in hell where the flames burn hotter for women: the Swedish government wants to deport Mitra back to Iran. We at Mission Free Iran oppose the Swedish government’s illegal efforts to deport Mitra, and we ask that you join us in demanding Mitra’s right to asylum in Sweden. A sample letter-writing action appears below Mitra’s story.

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Schweden: Deportation of Ali Mansouri Halted!

Report from Friday 26 August 2011: Ali Mansouri was on the plane this morning in Stockholm Sweden. The flight was about to take off to deport this young man to hell in Iran. But these beautiful people would not give up on Ali. The humane front would not let him be sent back to the bloody hands of the Islamic regime. The activists on the ground decided to pool their money & bought a ticket to Tehran.

Matthias from Justice Party in Sweden got on the plane. Matthias managed to arrange for a feed from Swedish national television to film what was happening on the plane. The activists on ground managed to stop deportation of Ali Mansouri. When I was talking to Ahmad Fatemi you could hear celebration on TV. LONG LIVE ANDISHE, MATTHIAS, EBI & EVERYONE THERE WHO REPRESENTED THE HUMANE FRONT FOR ALL OF US!!!

We thank each and every one of you who supported Ali Mansouri.

Here is Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet’s account: Aktivister stoppade avvisning på Arlanda

Here is the report from the Justice Party

ICRIR: Iranian Activists in Cyprus Appeal for International Support to Stop the Illegal Deportation of Opposition Activist Hadi Jahednorouzi

Philadelphia -— Masoud Khaghani and Maryam Aramesh, asylum-seekers in Cyprus, appeared in a special episode of the Iranian television program Nahade Mardomi as part of an urgent effort to stop the illegal deportation by the Cyprus government of a known Iranian political opposition activist.

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URGENT: Letter-Writing Action: Stop Sweden’s Illegal Deportation of Ahwazi Activist Ali Mansouri!


Dear friends: Ali’s illegal deportation by the government of Sweden is scheduled for Friday, 26 August 2011. We have learned that the Swedish government has already bought his tickets and his flight will go directly to Imam Khomeini airport. There is no time to lose. The Swedish government demonstrates once again, despite its illegality, that it is determined to send an Iranian activist to detention, torture, and possible execution. We have pushed the Swedish government back many times now, and working together, we will do it again for dear Ali Mansouri. Please URGENTLY use this as a sample letter to send your own letter of complaint to the Swedish government; relevant email addresses are below.

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No One Should Be Able To Say „we did not know“!

Please copy the dark brown text and add your signature at the bottom and send it to the list in blue.

Many thanks to Jullitte Gillbert.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We at Mission Free Iran/ICRIR have received confirmation that The European Court of Human Rights has received the official complaint that was lodged on behalf of the case of Iranian asylum seeker in Cyprus Mr Hadi Jahednorouzi’s refugee case (ARC: 5395940)

The wheelchair bound anti Iranian Regime activist seeking Refugee status in Cyprus, who is on the verge of imminent and illegal deportation by the government of Cyprus today.

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Mr. Billström ! Mitra Stays..Islamic Regime Goes!

Mitra Kalhor is a political activist. She is associated with a anti Islamic regime nationalist organization. Mitra is a constant guest, speaker in that organizations net TV program which airs towards the Islamic regime.

Opposition TV channels are widely watched inIranand are considered by the Islamic regime as a serious threat for the Islamic regime. Streets of the major cities in Iran and indeed people’s roof tops very often are occupied by Islamic republic special commando forces who by invading peoples practically none existence privacy , humiliating and insulting them, confiscate or destroy satellite dishes.


URGENT: Wheelchair-Bound Anti-Regime Activist Hadi Jahednorouzi at Imminent Risk of Illegal Deportation to Iran by the Cyprus Government | Letter-Writing Action Included

Hadi Jahednorouzi (ARC: 5395940) is an Iranian asylum-seeker at imminent risk of illegal deportation to Iran by the government of Cyprus. He was arrested three times in Iran in connection with his political activities, including the reproduction and dissemination of anti-regime literature. Not only was Hadi and his family incessantly persecuted in Iran, but when Hadi escaped from Iran, he began participating in anti-Islamic Republic activities, including protest actions as a member of the Iranian National Front and the Cyprus Refugee Rights Movement. Key documents in Hadi’s case were refused admittance into the record by Cypriot authorities, and his rejection decision was implemented without having all available evidence at hand. Hadi was told that he would be deported on Tuesday 23 August. Urgent assistance is needed to stop Hadi’s deportation. Please urgently participate in this letter-writing action yourself, and encourage others to participate.

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Swedish Government to Deport Another Iranian Activist to Torture & Probable Execution in Iran: Ahwazi Activist Ali Mansouri

The Swedish government continues with its utterly inhumane politics of deporting Iranian political asylum-seekers at clear danger of further torture and possible execution in Iran. We have only just learned of Ali’s case: on Friday, he was lured to the Swedish polce station with promises of discussing his asylum case and assurances that he would not be detained or deported. Ali went to the police station innocently, only to be detained and informed that he would be deported to Iran within a matter of days. This is Ali’s story. We will follow with additional information and calls for action. Ali’s case is urgent and we will have to do all we can to stop is deportation given so little time in which to act.

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„The Islamic Republic Should Know that Until the Fall of This Regime, Mitra Kahrom Will Fight.“

Mitra is in detention in Sweden, on the verge of being deported back to her torturers in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We do not accept the illegal deportation of Mitra Kahrom by the Swedish government. Join us in demanding Mitra’s human right to live free of both political and gender-based persecution by reading her words and signing her petition.

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Open Letter to International Education: Teachers Lashed, Beaten, and Soon to be Executed in Iran Need Your Support

We ask our readers to also write to International Education and ask their support for persecuted teachers in Iran. You are welcome to use our letter as a template for your own.

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