Witness Statement of Rebin Rahmani: A Kurdish Activist

In this witness statement, Rebin Rahmani—a Kurdish rights activist—discusses his activism at university in Iran, including his research on the problems of drug addiction, AIDS and prostitution in Kermanshah.

Rahmani also details his arrest in 2006 and the terrible conditions he endured in detention in the years following until his release from prison in 2008. Now living abroad, Rahmani continues to work to defend the rights of prisoners in Iran.



Name: Rebin (Karim) Rahmani

Place of Birth:  Kamyaran, Iran 

Date of Birth:  23 September 1983 

Occupation:  Kurdish Human Rights Activist  

Interviewing Organization: Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC)

Date of Interview:  16 January 2012

Interviewer: IHRDC Staff

This statement was prepared pursuant to an interview with Rebin (Karim) Rahmani. It was approved by Rebin (Karim) Rahmani on 29 April 2012. There are 52 paragraphs in the statement.


1.   My name is Karim Rahmani, and I am known by my Kurdish name “Rebin” among activists and friends. I was born on March 27, 1983 in the city of Kamyaran. In Iran, I was a senior year computer science major at the University of Science and Industry in Arak.

2.   I was arrested in November 2006 on the road between Karmanshah and Sarpol-e Zahab. I was sentenced to acting against national security and given a five year prison sentence in the lower court proceeding. At the appeal level, my sentence was reduced to two years. After my two year imprisonment, in October 2008, I was released from Dizel-Abad prison of Kermanshah. I left Iran in March 2011. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

11 Prisoners Among Them 2 Women and 2 Afghan Citizens Were Executed in Iran

Iran Human Rights: According to official reports from Iran 11 prisoners, among them two women and two Afghan citizens, have been executed in the last 3 days in the prisons of Mashhad, Bam and Kermanshah. One prisoner was also executed in the prison of Urmia according to unofficial reports.

Four prisoners executed in Mashhad:

According to the Iranian state broadcasting two prisoners were executed in the prison of Mashhad Wednesday April 24. According to this report the prisoners were 26 and 22 year old men who were convicted of rape in two different cases in 2010.

According to Tabnak (website close to the authorities) two other prisoners were hanged in the prison of Mashhad on April 22. Quoting the Khorasan daily newspaper the reports said that the men were two young Afghan citizens who were convicted of raping a 16 year old girl.

None of the prisoners were identified by name.

Four prisoners among them two women were executed in Kermanshah (Western Iran):

According to the Iranian state broadcasting fur prisoners were hanged in the Dizelabad prison of Kermanshahon on April 22. According to this report the prisoners who were not identified by name were „major distributors of narcotic drugs in the area“. They were charged with possession of 2000 grams of heroin and 25000 grams of opium said the report. Two of the prisners were women according to the report but none of them were identified by name.

Three prisoners were hanged in the prison of Bam (Southeastern Iran):

According to Khorasannews three prisoners were hanged in the prison of Bam (southeastern Iran) . One of the prisoners was convicted of participation in possession and trafficking of 5 kilograms of heroin, while the two others were charged with distribution of 9 kilograms of heroin. None of the prisoners were identified by name.

One prisoner was hanged in the prison of Urmia

According to the unofficial Kurdish news agency Kurdpa one prisoner identified as„Nazmi Abbasnejad“ (32 year old) was hanged in the prison of Urmia today Wednesday April 24. According to the report the prisoner was convicted of drug related charges. The news was not announced by the official media. According to Iran Human Rights’ „annual report on the death penalty“ none of the 23 executions in the Urmia prison in 2012 were announced by the official Iranian media.


Iran: Activists Flee Harassment, Prison – Kaveh Kermanshahi

Three-and-a-half years after government forces brutally suppressed largely peaceful anti-government demonstrations, hundreds of activists have sought temporary refuge and an uncertain future in neighboring Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan in the face of harassment and detention at home.

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