Chicken Koobideh – Grilled Ground Chicken Kabab

With the arrival of warm weather it’s finally time to take my cooking outside to my backyard surrounded by ivy covered trees, tall shrubs and evergreens, and get my grill going to make some delicious کباب کوبیده مرغ – chicken koobideh for my family. The entire process of making کباب – kabab from preparing the meat mixture, shaping it on long metal skewers with evenly spaced ridges, to standing over a hot grill on a hot summer day with all the flames, smoke and smell of charcoal is an especially nostalgic experience for me. کوبیده – Koobideh is a dish that I remember the most from my childhood since my mother would make kabab very often while we were growing up. I remember our portable منقل – manghal (grill) that was placed by the side of the hayat (court-yard), always accessible and never put away even during winter. All it needed was some charcoal, matches and a بادبزن – badbezan (handheld fan) to get the fire going — rain or shine. Well, of course mostly shine and very little rain where I grew up. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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