Crime and Punishment in Kahrizak prison

Before all this, the word Kahrizak reminded Iranian people of a retirement house in the southern part of Tehran. However in recent years, this word has been associated with the horrors of the illegal detention facility known as Kahrizak Detention Center or Kahrizak Salon. Although the detention center was built before 2009, it gained international fame after the 2009 post-presidential election protests. On July 9th, 2009 a number of protesters to the outcome of the election were arrested and transferred to the detention center by the order of Judge Mortazavi. The poor conditions in the facility and the torture and harassment of the detainees resulted very quickly in three deaths. Mehdi Karrubi, one of the presidential candidates, later reported that a number of the detainees had also been raped and the physician of the detention facility later died under suspicious circumstances. Although the Supreme Leader ordered the facility to be shut down, the public was waiting for the punishment of those responsible for the tragedies. Public opinion considered Judge Mortazavi as a key figure in the event. Although he stood trial, the verdict, which was recentl.

Karizak Detention Center

This detention center was first built when Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf was the police chief. It was initially used to detain convicts that the Iranian government labeled “gangsters and thugs.” The living conditions inside the center and the way these prisoners were treated were horrific. However, since these kinds of criminals are not connected with the media and human rights activists, before 2009, no news stories were published about this facility. Then between July 9th, when a number of the detainees were transferred there and July 27th, when the center was ordered shut, accounts of rapes, torture murders occurring at the center were made public. Mohammad Kamrani, Amir Javadifar and Mohsen Rouholamini are the three people who according to official sources are the victims of the Kahrizak detention facility. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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