Netherlands tightens up on Iranian students, immigrants

Source: Radio Zamaneh

The Dutch Foreign Minister announced yesterday that in view of sanctions against Iran, Netherlands will no longer renew or issue visa or residency applications for Iranian researchers and specialist immigrants.

Zamaneh reports that Foreign Minister Yuri Rosenthal announced to the Dutch Parliament that UN and EU sanctions on Iran prompted his ministry’s decision to reject renewal applications for residency made by Iranians engaged in research at universities or specific companies or those who are now employed at various centres in Netherlands.

Rosenthal claimed that this decision was based on an article of the EU sanctions on Iran that bans Iranians from having access to certain fields that could lead to certain knowledge being relayed to Iran.

He added this decision does not affect applications made by students or tourists traveling to the Netherlands, which will be handled as before.

A number of Iranians in Netherlands have already reported the effects of the recent moves by the Foreign Ministry. A number of graduate students have reported on Facebook that their residency application has been turned down.

One student reports that a letter from the Dutch Immigration Office (IND) informed him that the office is examining how the EU sanctions on Iran will affect residency applications from Iranians.

Another Iranian residing in the Netherlands reported that he received a letter from a prospective employer after an interview, informing him that the IND has forbidden the company from considering Iranian professionals because of the EU sanctions.

The Iranian embassy has reportedly protested against the restrictions on Iranian students and called for their immediate withdrawal.

Holland: 125 Persian Students Visa Applications on Hold – هلند: راکد شدن درخواست ویزای ۱۲۵ دانشجوی ایرانی

Persian Dutch Network
 – In late May of this year, the Dutch Ministry of Immigration (IND) froze approximately 125 visa applications for Iranian students.
“It is because of new sanctions of European Commission against Iran.” Sander Eijk, IND spokesman toldPersian Dutch Network on Monday 11th June. “We froze the applications and are waiting for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make the final decision”.

Since last week, the Persian Dutch Network has received messages from Iranian students in The Netherlands. They are worried for their residency and studies. The students are surprised that they have been targeted for sanctioning rather than the Iranian government.

A 27-year-old Persian student from Eindhoven writes to PDN: “My educational background and current activity/role is really far away from the nuclear energy improvement process. But still the Dutch government does not distinguish among cases and keeps all Iranian cases who applied for study/work/extension on hold. Why?? Because in other parts of the world some idiots may misuse nuclear energy…where are HUMAN RIGHTS”?
The IND spokesperson told the Persian Dutch Network, “We just follow the EU regulations and if anyone is going to make a complaint they should address the European Commission or the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs…Iranians are welcome in The Netherlands, but they but they need to meet the EU regulations”. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Realite News Alert 01/12/11

Roundup of Today’s International News


UK to expel all Iranian diplomats over embassy attack
The UK is to expel all Iranian diplomats following the storming of its embassy in Tehran, Foreign Secretary William Hague has announced. He said he had ordered the immediate closure of the Iranian embassy in London. (…) „If any country makes it impossible for us to operate on their soil they cannot expect to have a functioning embassy here,“ Mr Hague told MPs.

U.N. council condemns attack on UK embassy in Iran
The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday condemned the storming of two British diplomatic compounds in Tehran and urged Iranian authorities to protect diplomats, the council president said.

US condemns attack on British embassy in Iran
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday demanded that Iran protect foreign diplomats as she strongly condemned the storming of the British embassy in Tehran. Speaking to reporters at an aid conference in South Korea, Clinton said the United States condemned the attack on the embassy „in the strongest possible terms.“

France recalls ambassador from Iran, pushes tougher sanctions
France is recalling its ambassador from Iran for consultations a day after protesters stormed the British embassy in Tehran, and will push for tougher sanctions at an EU foreign ministers‘ meeting on Thursday.

Germany recalls ambassador from Iran
Germany said on Wednesday it had recalled its ambassador to Iran for consultations because of an attack on the British diplomatic mission in Tehran the previous day.

The Netherlands recalls ambassador to Iran for consultation
The Netherlands has recalled its ambassador from Teheran to discuss Tuesday’s storming of the British embassy by protestors, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday evening.

Italy mulls closing Tehran embassy: foreign minister
Italy is considering closing its embassy in Tehran and will summon the Iranian ambassador to ask for guarantees for the safety of the country’s diplomats after the assault on the British embassy, Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said on Wednesday.

Iran regrets UK embassy attack in Tehran: report
Iran’s foreign ministry said it regretted the storming of two British diplomatic compounds in Tehran on Tuesday, the students‘ news agency ISNA reported, quoting a government statement.

Iran says to take further action against UK
Iran said Britain’s decision to close the Iranian embassy in London on Wednesday was „hasty“ and that it would lead to further retaliation, state TV reported, quoting a government spokesman.

Iran: Revolutionary Guard’s calling card
(…) Police used teargas and secured the release of six embassy employees taken by what the semi-official Fars news agency called hardline students. But the students themselves included members of the paramilitary basij brigades and carried banners naming Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, which runs the overseas operations of the Revolutionary Guard. This may not have been a government-sanctioned operation but it was an official one, with three conservative institutions, the parliament, the judiciary and the supreme leader, behind it. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Niederlande: Ambassadeur uit Iran teruggeroepen – هلند سفیر خود از ایران را فرا خواند

متن پارسی در ادامه


(Telegraaf) – DEN HAAG –  De Nederlandse ambassadeur in Iran wordt direct teruggeroepen naar Nederland voor overleg.

Dat heeft minister Rosenthal van Buitenlandse Zaken bekendgemaakt. De beslissing komt na de bestorming van de Britse ambassade dinsdag. Eerder werd de Britse ambassade gesloten en werd de Duitse ambassadeur eveneens teruggeroepen.



Nederlandse ambassade in Teheran – سفارت هلند در تهران

سفیر هلند از تهران فرا خوانده شده است. به گزارش شبکه ایرانیان هلند، این موضوع را ساعاتی پیش یوری روزنتال، وزیر خارجه هلند اعلام کرده است. روزنامه تلخراف، چاپ هلند در گزارش کوتاهی نوشته است که این تصمیم در واکنش به اشغال سفارت بریتانیا در تهران گرفته شده است

یکی از ایرانیان مقیم هلند در صفحه فیس بوک شبکه ایرانیان هلند نوشته است: این اقدام باید در زمان اعدام زهرا بهرامی صورت می‌گرفت

تارنمای خبری “اخبار هلند” در خبری کوتاه نوشته: واکنش دولت هلند در حالی صورت گرفته که وزیر خارجه، روز چهارشنبه در پارلمان هلند گفته بود: نیازی به تشدید تدابیر امنیتی برای سفارت هلند در تهران نیست

Dutch stamps of Mahvash Sabet, jailed Iranian Baha’i leader

Today received these stamps from the Netherlands featuring  Mahvash Sabet, who is serving a 20-year sentence in Iran as one of the leaders of the minority Baha’i faith.







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Bad news for Dutch political prisoners in Iran

Dutch-Iranian activist Abdullah al-Mansouri has been in prison in Iran for five years. It is not known how he is or indeed where he is being held. Tensions between Iran and the Netherlands have most likely resulted in the worsening of his situation and the situations of other Dutch citizens who are political prisoners in Iran.

Dutch-Iranian human rights activist Sadegh Nageshkar also fears that the political struggle between Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is bad news for political prisoners.

“The more the power struggle between Khamenei and Ahmadinejad intensifies, the more political prisoners – including al-Mansouri – come under pressure. This is designed to increase the Iranian people’s fears, so that they won’t fight for their rights and freedom.”

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