Norwegen finanziert Unterkünfte für Asylsuchende in Griechenland

Norwegen und Griechenland haben ein sogenanntes Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) unterzeichnet. In dessen Folge wird Norwegen Aufnahmekapazitäten für Asylsuchende in Griechenland finanzieren. Nach Aussagen des norwegischen Außenministers soll die Priorität bei der Schaffung von Unterkunftsplätzen für unbegleitete Minderjährige liegen. Die norwegische Immigrationsbehörde soll dabei helfen, die Aufnahmezentren und die Gesundheitsversorgung für Asylsuchende direkt nach der Ankunft in Griechenland zu verbessern. Auch NGOs, die in der medizinischen Versorgung tätig sind, sollen von den Mitteln profitieren können, die durch UNHCR verwaltet werden. (Quelle: Migration News Sheet, Dezember 2011)

Protestaktion gegen Allot communications, Israel, wegen der Lieferung von Spy-Technologie in den Iran

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Realite News Alert 01/12/11

Roundup of Today’s International News


UK to expel all Iranian diplomats over embassy attack
The UK is to expel all Iranian diplomats following the storming of its embassy in Tehran, Foreign Secretary William Hague has announced. He said he had ordered the immediate closure of the Iranian embassy in London. (…) „If any country makes it impossible for us to operate on their soil they cannot expect to have a functioning embassy here,“ Mr Hague told MPs.

U.N. council condemns attack on UK embassy in Iran
The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday condemned the storming of two British diplomatic compounds in Tehran and urged Iranian authorities to protect diplomats, the council president said.

US condemns attack on British embassy in Iran
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday demanded that Iran protect foreign diplomats as she strongly condemned the storming of the British embassy in Tehran. Speaking to reporters at an aid conference in South Korea, Clinton said the United States condemned the attack on the embassy „in the strongest possible terms.“

France recalls ambassador from Iran, pushes tougher sanctions
France is recalling its ambassador from Iran for consultations a day after protesters stormed the British embassy in Tehran, and will push for tougher sanctions at an EU foreign ministers‘ meeting on Thursday.

Germany recalls ambassador from Iran
Germany said on Wednesday it had recalled its ambassador to Iran for consultations because of an attack on the British diplomatic mission in Tehran the previous day.

The Netherlands recalls ambassador to Iran for consultation
The Netherlands has recalled its ambassador from Teheran to discuss Tuesday’s storming of the British embassy by protestors, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday evening.

Italy mulls closing Tehran embassy: foreign minister
Italy is considering closing its embassy in Tehran and will summon the Iranian ambassador to ask for guarantees for the safety of the country’s diplomats after the assault on the British embassy, Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said on Wednesday.

Iran regrets UK embassy attack in Tehran: report
Iran’s foreign ministry said it regretted the storming of two British diplomatic compounds in Tehran on Tuesday, the students‘ news agency ISNA reported, quoting a government statement.

Iran says to take further action against UK
Iran said Britain’s decision to close the Iranian embassy in London on Wednesday was „hasty“ and that it would lead to further retaliation, state TV reported, quoting a government spokesman.

Iran: Revolutionary Guard’s calling card
(…) Police used teargas and secured the release of six embassy employees taken by what the semi-official Fars news agency called hardline students. But the students themselves included members of the paramilitary basij brigades and carried banners naming Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, which runs the overseas operations of the Revolutionary Guard. This may not have been a government-sanctioned operation but it was an official one, with three conservative institutions, the parliament, the judiciary and the supreme leader, behind it. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

EIL: Norwegen schließt Botschaft im Iran EIL

Oslo – Norwegen schließt seine Botschaft in Teheran. Als Begründung gab die Regierung in Oslo Sicherheitsbedenken an. Am gestrigen Dienstag hatten iranische Studenten die britische Botschaft in Teheran gestürmt.

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The Norwegian Government’s Violation of Article 16 of the European Returns Directive Results in Deportation of Three Iranian Political Refugees, in the Continuation of Ongoing Violations of Asylum-Seekers’ Rights by European Governments

No to Deportation to Iran!

While the international human and refugee rights grass root activists in the European Union have been concentrating their efforts on battling the violation of Iranian asylum seekers’ rights in Sweden over the past few months, the rights of refugees from other nations seeking asylum in Sweden, as well as those of all asylum-seekers in other European countries, have been “generously” violated. These violations have seldom if ever been challenged by the international bodies officially founded and financed for these purposes.

The International Coalition for the Rights of Iranian Refugees takes this opportunity to express its deepest disappointment with the passivity of these organizations while asylum-seekers‘ rights have been systematically violated under their watch here in “democratic and humane Europe.” These organizations, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and UNHCR among others should be subjected to an external evaluation of their activities and their roles in maintaining the status quo: systematic violation of human rights.

Official reports indicate that there are thousands of refugees being deported by European governments every year. Unfortunately, for obvious but unacceptable reasons, the fates of non-Iranian asylum seekers who have been deported to their countries of origin are unknown to us. We do not know what has happened to all of the Syrian asylum-seekers who were deported back to Assad’s “mercy” or what has happened to those women deported back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo or Afghanistan, but knowing the nature of these regimes and the degree of human rights violations there, we can guess.

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Tuesdays Until the Islamic Republic Is No More

We declare Tuesdays as a day of solidarity with the families of political prisoners, and we will continue to show solidarity with the political prisoners and their families on these days until the total and complete overthrow of the Islamic Republic in its entirety, including all its flanks and filthy cliques. On this day of the week, wherever we are, and preferably in front of the Islamic Republic embassies – these houses of terror and crime, these pits of espionage and dissemination of Islamic reactionary ideology – we will remember the political prisoners and show our solidarity and sympathy with them and their families.


We ask honorable people in Iran to go on Tuesdays, with a red rose in hand, and join the families of political prisoners outside the prison gates.

Wednesdays are days of executions. Not that the Islamic Republic doesn’t execute on other days – it does – but in any case, the Islamic headmen prefer Wednesdays for killing people. Perhaps the excitement of taking the life of a human being in the middle of a long work-week reduces the boredom. We too await the day that is coming – and it is a day that is coming very soon. This day could be tomorrow! The day of answering, the day of the peoples‘ revolutionary courts, the Court of the Bloody Decade, the court of Khavaran, the court of the Sanandaj garrisons, the Court of Ahwaz, and Anzali (1) and Ghombad (2) and Nekah (3)… the Court of all Iran and all people of Iran.

Especially now that the regime of crimes and atrocities, once again fearing that the day of answering is drawing near has raised the gallows again, our presence and solidarity with the political prisoners and their families are becoming even more important.

Tuesdays are visiting days. Not that every Tuesday the families of the prisoners get to visit their loved ones. The reality is that many families of jailed victims have queued for months or even years behind those closed iron doors without seeing their beloved. They have bowed to and bribed every pasdar and mullah and torturer and basiji, to every expert in rape, lashing, kicks and punches, and to other similar non-entities [without once seeing their beloved]. In any case, Tuesdays are the days that the families of political prisoners gather in front of the prison gates.

Our people are indebted to political prisoners. We are indebted to all of those of today and of yesterday: for being human, for thinking and wanting, for opposing the filth and crimes of the Islamic regime of stray and rabid dogs like Khomeini and Rafsanjani and Khamenei and Khalkhali and Hassani and Mousavi and Ahmadinejad. They have been beaten and broken and put under torture, and yet they continue. And Kahrizaks and Evins are filled with them. Holding Tuesdays of Solidarity, from today until the fall of the Islamic Regime, inside and outside of Iran, in front of the Embassy, side by side with the families in front of the prisons – this is but a little step towards paying the debt that we have to these, our loved ones, political prisoners and their families.

We call Tuesdays the day of solidarity with political prisoners and their families, and until we bring down the gates of Evin, until the freedom of all political prisoners, until the establishment of a government that does not tolerate the suppression of opposing ideas, until the uprooting of this rotting Islamic tumor, and until the establishment of a humane governance, on this day every week we will be a thorn in the side of the Islamic Republic.


(1: Anzali is a major port on the Caspian Sea where the Islamic Republic, in the first days after their counterrevolution, massacred impoverished fisherman who protested against the regime’s rules and regulations that ruined their livelihoods such they could not go fishing. These were very poor fishermen who worked from rowboats. The Islamic Republic opened fire on all of them with machine guns and killed many.)


(2: Ghombad is a place in Iran where Turkman people, who had created their assemblies to democratically conduct their community’s business – schools, cities, water – were attacked by the Islamic Republic. The leaders of the assemblies, who were utterly defenseless, were all arrested and executed directly.)

(3: Nekah is the city where an orphaned 16-year-old girl Atefeh Rajabi was mercilessly executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.)

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Wir trauern um die Opfer eines feigen Mordanschlag in Oslo

In tiefer Trauer um die Opfer eines feigen Mordanschlag in Oslo. Unser Mitgefühl gilt den Verletzten und Angehörigen der Opfer. Unsere Solidarität gilt allen Menschen in Norwegen.

It’s Time to Come to the Streets Worldwide Again This June. Free All Political Prisoners! Not One More Execution!

The prisons of the Islamic Republic are overflowing with people detained for political reasons. The Islamic Republic is executing people at an apalling rate, most recently Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi, young brothers who were executed because their family members were political activists. Now their mother has been added to the ranks of political prisoners: she was arrested at their funeral.

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he Islamic Republic’s Position on Iranians Outside of Iran Who Oppose the Regime, Including Asylum

Recently we have received inquiries from Czechoslovakia, Norway, and elsewhere asking for documentation on declarations of the Islamic Republic’s intent to prosecute Iranian refugees if they are returned, asking for examples of returned refugees who have been arrested upon return to Iran, and similar information. This information is needed to stop deportartion to Iran at both the level of individual cases as well as at the level of policy.

The purpose of this post is to share documents that reflect the Islamic Republic’s intent to prosecute asylum-seekers refouled to Iran. This post will be updated as new articles become available. We welcome additional contributions of documents reflecting regime policy towards returned political refugees, or documentation of cases in which Iranian refugees who have been forcibly returned to Iran have been arrested, detained, tortured, or executed. Establishing this literature will help activists and refugee rights organizations make the case that Iranian refugees must not be forcibly returned to Iran. Thus, whatever information is available in this regard is very important. If it is in Farsi, we will arrange for translation.

The entire text of articles is reproduced here, in English and Farsi where available.

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The Islamic Republic’s Position on Iranians Outside of Iran Who Oppose the Regime, Including Asylum Seekers/Refugees

Recently we have received inquiries from Czechoslovakia, Norway, and elsewhere asking for documentation on declarations of the Islamic Republic’s intent to prosecute Iranian refugees if they are returned, asking for examples of returned refugees who have been arrested upon return to Iran, and similar information. This information is needed to stop deportartion to Iran at both the level of individual cases as well as at the level of policy.

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