Moradzadeh: a political prisoner from the 1980s

Arian Moradzadeh–a former political prisoner–was arrested for being a member of a Marxist group in June 1981 in Tabriz, Iran.

He spent more than five months in Tabriz prison, survived an execution purge of political prisoners in 1981 and was released in November 1981.  In this video testimony, Moradzadeh recounts the ill treatment he received from Iranian authorities during those months of imprisonment.


Reise ist die Sehnsucht nach dem Leben – Iran

Iran 1 – von Van nach Ardabil

So, nachdem claudi und ich also uns im Schoppen für den Iran-dresscode versucht haben, ging es mit unseren neu erworbenen langen weiten Sachen und den Kopftuch-Schals in den Nachtzug von Van nach Tabriz!
Wir hatten Glück und kamen in ein Frauenabteil mit zwei ganz süßen Iranerinnen.
Als erstes ging es dann raus zur Ausreise aus der Türkei…noch trug ca die Hälfte der Frauen kein Kopftuch. Wir erspähen eine kleine Reisegruppe von ca fünf Touristen. Pause. Zug fährt. Zwei Männer werfen einen kurzen blick auf unser gepäck (einer sieht aus wie ein hippie :D). Dann wurden die Pässe eingesammelt. Pause. Zug fährt (etwas mulmiges Gefühl ohne Pass…). Viiiel später (inklusive Albträume einkassierter Pässe): Pässe zurück. Kurz danach: claudi und ich werden rausgeholt zur Polizei (oookay). Alles gut, nur Fingerabdrücke ( ergebnis: blaue Finger für den Rest des Tages). Zug fährt, 2 Stunden schlafen. Ankommen in Tabriz um 10.30 Uhr.
Wir schaffen es Geld zu tauschen (Kreditkarten sind hier ja für uns nichts wert) und stellen dabei fest dass entweder die Inflation enorm gestiegen ist oder der Typ sich total verrechnet hat! Ersteres bestätigt sich später….in unserem Reiseführer vom Herbst 2012 steht noch 1€=14000 rial und jetzt ist 1€=43000 rial!!! Dadurch wird es auch für uns eine SEHR günstige Woche 🙂

Persian Press on the Race: June 3

Hanif Zarrabi-Kashani
The Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars offers the latest news on the 2013 Iranian presidential election, based on a selection of Iranian news sources. The Iran Election Update is a daily summary of up-to-date information with links to news in both English and Farsi.

June 3, 2013
      • During a campaign speech in Tehran over the weekend, presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani faced a raucous crowd of supporters who boldly chanted the name of detained opposition leader Mir Hussain Mousavi and vocalized other concerns as well. A photo of the event also reveals Rouhani supporters holding pictures of Mousavi alongside Rouhani. During the event, Rouhani held a purple ribbon (campaign color) and a symbolic key and called it the “Key of wisdom and hope.” A video clip of the event was posted on Rouhani’s Twitter account as well with English subtitles. Multiple people were arrested at the event including Saeid Allah Badashti, who is Rouhani’s Youth Campaign Manager. The Rouhani Youth Campaign Facebook page posted a video clip of the arrested campaign manager prior to his arrest as he gives a speech (in Farsi) to the audience and explains why he supports Rouhani. Also posted on the Facebook page was a clip of two young poets reciting poems to the crowd, with one poet exclaiming, “There is no sedition (term used by government to describe the Green Movement), except what’s in our hearts and minds which is our love for our country!”
      • Fars News Agency posts two sets of photos of presidential candidate Hassan Rounhani speaking to a large group of supporters in the Southwestern city of Ahvaz with femalesupporters on hand as well.
      • Mehr News provides a survey in which they claim 22,000 people voted for their choice of presidential candidates. Qalibaf led with 34.18%, followed by Jalili with 27.31% and Velayati with 11.77%. Rouhani and Aref were listed towards the bottom with 7.9% and 6.5% respectively. Website AsrIran conducts its own poll and interestingly asks it readers, “Regardless of who you think will win, who will you vote for?” As of Monday afternoon over 14,000 people have voted, and Rezaei led all candidates with 32%, followed by Rouhani with 23% and Aref with 22%, respectively.
      • Mehr News posts photos of presidential candidate Mohammed Bagher-Qalibaf visiting Tabriz and speaking to a large audience in a packed field house. There were many female supporters on hand as well holding posters and cheering.
      • ISNA News posts photos of presidential candidate Saeed Jalili making a campaign stop at the University of Tehran to speak to a large audience of students. There were many femalesupporters on hand, two of them who had their faces covered wrote messages on her hand that read, “Progress” and “Resistance is the password.” A video clip of the event reveals a female Jalili supporter asking the presidential candidate to swear to the Quran that she holds in her hand that he will sacrifice his life for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Jalili responds to her by saying, “God-willing we are.” She then hands the Quran to Jalili who kisses the holy book to the delight of the crowd.
      • Mehr News posts photos of presidential candidate Mohammed Aref taking the public metro on his way to Tehran’s Grand Bazaar in order to do some face-to-face campaigning. While speaking to riders on the metro Aref brought up the current conflict in Syria and said, “Confronting Syria is the beginning of confronting Hezbollah, and next is confronting Iran.” The rider than says, “So you are one of these types of presidents?” To which Aref responds, “We can’t govern timidly.”
      • Presidential candidate Ali-Akbar Velayati made a campaign stop at the ISNA headquarters to speak with reporters and to declare, “I have a long history in foreign policy, in fact I am one of the founders of Islamic Republic foreign policy.” Mehr News also posts pictures of Velayati speaking to gathering of state lawyers in Tehran.
      • Fars News Agency General Director Abas Aslani used his Twitter account to tweet an interesting image comparing a female Hassan Rouhani supporter to a female Saeed Jalili supporter.



Executive Order 13622 Designations; Iran Sanctions Designations; Non-proliferation Designations; Counter Terrorism Designations


Specially Designated Nationals Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC’s SDN List:
ARABNEJAD, Hamid; DOB 16 Apr 1961; alt. DOB 03 May 1956; nationality Iran; Passport E1929795 (Iran) expires 25 May 2010; alt. Passport V08716254 (Iran) expires 15 Jul 2011; alt. Passport V11630399 (Iran) expires 20 Jun 2012; alt. Passport U8356901 (Iran) expires 09 May 2011; alt. Passport H10395121 (Iran) expires 18 Jan 2012; alt. Passport K11946257 (Iran) expires 27 Oct 2012; alt. Passport X13567677 (Iran) expires 02 Jul 2013; alt. Passport D14818825 (Iran) expires 16 Mar 2014; alt. Passport F16438158 (Iran) expires 18 Nov 2014; alt. Passport R19234531 (Iran) expires 02 Nov 2015; alt. Passport L95280222 (Iran) expires 23 Jul 2016; alt. Passport L95273714 (Iran) expires 22 Aug 2016; alt. Passport P95418009 (Iran) expires 27 Apr 2017 (individual) [SDGT] [IFSR].

KARNER, Mihael (a.k.a. TOPOLOVEC, Jozef), Locnikarijeva ulica 7, 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Rozna Dolina, Cesta IV 44, Ljubljana, Slovenia; V Murglah 177, Ljubljana, Slovenia; DOB 13 Mar 1975; POB Ljubljana, Slovenia; nationality Slovenia; Passport PZ2420022110 (Slovenia); alt. Passport PB06005902 (Slovenia); Personal ID Card 00246412491303975500493 (Slovenia) expires 17 Dec 2018; alt. Personal ID Card 002464124 (Slovenia) expires 17 Dec 2018 (individual) [SDNTK].

KIM, Lidia (a.k.a. KIM, Lidia Egorovna; a.k.a. KIM, Lidiia; a.k.a. KIM, Lidiya); DOB 23 Mar 1955; citizen Kyrgyzstan; Passport 02NO133036 (Russia); alt. Passport AN1912357 (individual) [SDGT] [IFSR].
MERHEJ, Rodrigue Elias (a.k.a. MERKHEZH, Rodrig); DOB 1970; alt. DOB 1969; alt. DOB 1971; POB Lebanon (individual) [SDGT] [IFSR].
NOORZAI, Haji Kotwal (a.k.a. „KHOOTWAL, Haji“; a.k.a. „KHOTWAL, Haji“; a.k.a. „KOOTWAL, Haji“), Quetta City, Balochistan Province, Pakistan; Girdi Jangle, Balochistan Province, Pakistan; DOB 1961; alt. DOB 1960; alt. DOB 1962; alt. DOB 1958; alt. DOB 1957; alt. DOB 1959; POB Nahr-e Saraj Village, Nahr-e Saraj District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan; nationality Afghanistan (individual) [SDNTK].
SANCHEZ ARELLANO, Luis Fernando; DOB 24 Oct 1973; POB Baja California, Mexico; nationality Mexico; citizen Mexico (individual) [SDNTK]. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Pop Up tour exhibiting works of Iranian stencil/street artists Icy and Sot

live music from The Yellow Dogs at the opening nights

ICY (born 1985) and SOT (born 1991) are stencil artists from Tabriz – IRAN. they started their professional career in 2008 they had uploaded previous works as early as 2006 and they influenced and dragged their friends to street art. Their works are about peace, war, Love, hate, hope, despair, children, human rights and the Iranian culture. The two brothers have held numerous exhibitions and un-official street works in Iran and foreign countries. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Iran: Student burn victim succumbs to injuries/37 Iranian students injured in school fire accident

Siran Yeganeh, a 10-year old student who suffered severe burns in a school fire accident in the northwestern Iranian village of Sheenabad, has died from her injuries.

Students who suffered severe burns have been hospitalized in Tabriz

Rasoul Khezri, a local MP, told the Khabar-on-line website: „Respiratory problems, severe burns and poisonous gas inhalation were causes of her death.“ The Education Minister, who appeared in Parliament today to apologize for the incident in the grade four classroom, claimed that he had visited the students and that some of them were so well on their way to recovery that they had „stood up and chanted anthems“ upon his arrival. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Photos of the day: Air pollution in Tabriz.

آلودگی هوا امروز تبریز Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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