Berlin| Versuche über das Vertrauen: Bahiyyih Nakhjavanis [Iran/F] Short Storys über die iranische Diaspora

Witzlebenstraße 30 14057 Berlin – zum Stadtplan
Dienstag 16.09.2014 – Anfangszeit: 20:00 Uhr
Versuche über das Vertrauen: Bahiyyih Nakhjavanis  Short Sto...
Kulturen des Vertrauens
20.00 Uhr – St. Canisius_CHARLOTTENBURG

Das Leben im Exil ist für Außenstehende nur schwer vorstellbar. Bahiyyih Nakhjavani beschreibt diese Exil-Existenz in ihren neuen Texten, in denen sie die alltäglichen Erfahrungen persischer Exilanten zwischen der Banalität des Alltags und den schönen und schrecklichen Erinnerungen an die Heimat darstellt. Protagonist ist dabei nicht ein Individuum, sondern ein Kollektiv, ein »Wir«, dessen Teil man beim Lesen oder Hören der Geschichten wird.

Moderation: Tobias Hülswitt, Sprecherin: Regina Gisbertz

von: Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin

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United4Irian: Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Message of Solidarity with the Iranian People


Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Message of Solidarity with the Iranian People

In June 2009, millions of Iranians took to the streets to demand democracy and human rights. On the anniversary of this uprising, Archbishop Desmond Tutu sends a message of hope and solidarity to the Iranian people. Archbishop Tutu is a Nobel Peace Laureate and an avid human rights defender worldwide. He is widely described as ‘South Africa’s moral conscience.‘

پیام همبستگی اسقف اعظم دزموند توتو به مردم ایران

در سال 2009، میلیون ها تن از ایرانیان به خیابان ها آمدند تا دموکراسی و حقوق بشر را مطالبه کنند .در سالروز خیزش مردمی در خرداد سال 1388، اسقف اعظم دزموند توتو پیام همبستگی و امید خود را به مردم ایران می فرستد. اسقف اعظم توتو برنده ی جایزه صلح نوبل و مدافع پرشور حقوق بشر در سطح بین المللی است .او را با عنوان „وجدان اخلاقی آفریقای جنوبی“ می شناسند.

Watch the video here>>>

Hello my Iranian sisters and brothers. I am Archbishop Destmond Tutu.

Three years ago the world witnessed millions of you standing up against repression, demanding democracy and human rights.  The spark that you lit in Iran has inspired unprecedented change in the region.

However, in Iran, your demands have yet to be realized. Oppression continues.

Many great nations have gone through such struggles, which often take decades to resolve. If South Africa could change, change, therefore, is possible any and everywhere. Continue on your path. Remember it is always darkest before dawn.

To the rulers of Iran: bend to the will of the people. Your Excellency, Ayatollah Khameni, set the children of Iran free. Ayatollah Larijani, close Evin prison, just as Robben Island prison was closed in South Africa.

To Iran’s religious leaders: oppose the use of imprisonment, torture, and murder in the name of religion. These actions do not reflect the Muslim faith.

To all world leaders on this anniversary: let us renew our commitment to support the Iranian people and their struggle for democracy and human rights. Imprisonment should not be the reward for courage and dignity.

To Iranians abroad, and indeed all people everywhere: our lives and future are intertwined. Use your freedom to demand theirs.

Change begins with people of great courage. My children Narges and Majid, you are in our hearts. Hossein Maleki, our prayers ring out for you. And to the rest of brave Iranians striving for a better Iran, continue on your path. We are with you.

“fardA az Ane mAst.”

سلام به مردم ایران.
من اسقف اعظم دزموند توتو هستم.

سه سال پیش جهان شاهد بود که میلیون ها تن از شما علیه سرکوب و خفقان بپاخاستید، و مردم سالاری و حقوق بشر را مطالبه کردید.
بارقه ای که شما در ایران افروختید الهام بخش تغییرات بی سابقه ای در منطقه شده است.

اگرچه در ایران خواسته های شما کماکان نادیده گرفته می شوند. و ستم و بیداد کماکان ادامه دارد.

بسیاری از ملت های بزرگ چنین مبارزاتی را تجربه کرده اند، مبارزاتی که برای به ثمر رسیدن معمولا چندین دهه به طول می انجامند. اگر آفریقای جنوبی توانست تغییر ایجاد کند، پس در هر کجای دیگر هم ایجاد تغییر ممکن است.
به راه خود ادامه دهید. به خاطر داشته باشید که تاریکترین ساعات شب ساعاتی پیش از طلوع سپیده دم است.

خطابم به حاکمان ایران:  به خواست مردم تن در دهید. عالیجناب، آیت الله خامنه ای، فرزندان ایران را آزاد کنید.
آیت الله لاریجانی، زندان اوین را ببندید، همانگونه که زندان روبن آیلند در آفریقای جنوبی بسته شد.

خطابم به رهبران مذهبی ایران: با زندانی کردن، شکنجه و جنایت تحت لوای دین مخالفت کنید. چنین اعمال و اقداماتی منعکس کننده ی آموزه های دین اسلام نیست.

خطابم در این سالروز به رهبران جهان: بیایید تعهد خود را در حمایت از مردم ایران و پشتیبانی از مبارزات آنها برای مردم سالاری و حقوق بشر، تجدید کنیم. پاداش شجاعت و کرامت انسانی حبس و زندان نیست.

خطابم به ایرانیانی که در خارج از ایران زندگی می کنند، و در حقیقت به همه ی مردم درهرکجا که هستند:
زندگی و آینده ی تک تک ما به یکدیگر گره خورده است. از آزادی خود بهره گیرید تا مطالبات ایشان (مردم ایران) را بیان کنید.

تغییر به واسطه ی انسان های شجاع شکل می گیرد. فرزندانم، نرگس (محمدی) و مجید (توکلی)، شما در قلب ما جا دارید. حسین (رونقی) ملکی، ما برایت دعا می کنیم. و برای سایر ایرانیان بی باکی که برای یک ایران بهتر مبارزه می کنند، به راه خود ادامه دهید. ما با شما هستیم.

„فردا از آن ماست.“

AZADI: Songs of Freedom for Iran – On the anniversary of the 2009 uprising, honoring the ongoing struggle


We are thrilled to announce the release of the Azadi: Songs of Freedom for Iran, a free downloadable mixtape album with messages of resistance and inspiration for Iranians continuing to push for democracy and human rights.

Musicians from countries including Iran, Egypt, Libya, South Africa, U.S., Turkey, Palestine and Iraq have contributed solidarity songs that United for Iran, in collaboration with DJ Child of Project Groundation, have mixed to produce an album now available for download! Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

United4Iran: Iranians Demand P5+1 Focus on Human Rights

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, talks between Iran and the P5+1 resumed in Istanbul, Turkey behind closed doors. The Iranian people have been excluded from the debate on the international negotiations with their country through brutal repression by their government. Iranians gathered in Istanbul on the occasion of the P5+1 meeting to give voice to millions in Iran who have been imprisoned and silenced.

Here is what they had to say to the world.

Don`t forget: International Human Rights Day 2011

Sixty-three years ago, today, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights enshrined the fundamental human rights to which each of the globe’s citizens are entitled. On this important day, we pay tribute to all of those struggling to attain their basic rights from Homs to Moscow to Tehran. In particular, we honor Iran’s prisoners of conscience, who have inspired us with their struggle and sacrifice. We wish them the patience, strength and perseverance to continue. And we assure them: You are not alone. You have not been forgotten.

Join us this December 10 in celebrating the struggle for human rights in Iran by sending a letter to Iranian authorities and urging their cooperation with the UN’s new human rights mandate on Iran. Help us raise awareness by sharing our tribute video and urging your family and friends to take action. We thank you for your solidarity.

Please support : FREE SOTOUDEH NOW! Project


the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran launched a project to help build support for the release of imprisoned human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and highlight the tragic situation of Iranian prisoners of conscience. The launch coincides with the occasion of Human Rights Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 10 December. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

E-Letter: Urge Iran to Address the Country’s Human Rights Situation / English-Farsi


Send an e-letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Judiciary, and various Iranian embassies worldwide expressing your concern for the ongoing crackdown on Iranian political and human rights activists, ethnic and religious minorities, artists, and members of opposition groups. Urge Iranian authorities to stop applying severe punishments, including execution, arbitrary detentions, and enforced disappearances for activities that are not considered crimes under international law. The letter is available to send in both ENGLISH and FARSI.

Write to Iranian officials detailing your concern for Iranian Christian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, who remains at risk of execution for “apostasy;” for the artists, actresses, and filmmakers detained for peacefully exercising their right to expression; for Kouyhar Goudarzi who has been detained with no news available about his condition; and for the four opposition members who are enduring an “enforced disappearance.”Urge the Iranian government to meet its legal obligation to end the human rights crisis engulfing the people of Iran by ensuring Iran’s citizens are afforded basic human and civil rights guaranteed under international law. 

The e-letter is here. If you choose to add a personal message to the e-letter, please keep it polite, human-rights focused, and without rhetoric. To the right of the e- letter page are the recipients of the e-mail you send. You don’t have to send a letter multiple times (one click will send your message to all of the listed officials). Below the letter are personal fields to fill out. Enter as much information as you feel comfortable. A VALID e-mail address is required; however, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your e-mail, consider making an e-mail account just to use for actions like this. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at



Don’t Let Ahmadinejad off the Hook in New York (Video)

(19 September 2011) As Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrives in New York, four New Yorkers who closely follow developments in Iran talk about why the Iranian people expect the media and UN dignitaries to focus primarily on holding Ahmadinejad accountable for Iran’s human rights crisis during their meetings with him.

Hadi Ghaemi, executive director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is joined by Professor Hamid Dabashi of Columbia University, Bitta Mostofi, a lawyer and human rights activist, and David Fine. Fine, an undergraduate student at Columbia and managing editor in chief of its newspaper, The Current,argues why Columbia students invited to dine with Ahmadinejad should not be “thrilled” and refuse him the occasion for self-aggrandizement.

Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Imprisoned Journalist in Need of Emergency Medical Treatment

A source close to the family of imprisoned journalist Keyvan Samimi, who is in his 60s, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that a tumor found in Samimi’s liver has caused grave concern to his family and he must be immediately hospitalized to prevent the tumor’s further growth. Judicial authorities continue to refuse furlough for Samimi and decline to comment on the reasons for the refusal.

“Other than the tumor, he suffers from severe arthritis in his neck and legs. He likes to read, so he has asked his family for a desk and a chair, as he is no longer able to sit on the floor to read. His family prepared the desk and table, but prison authorities have not yet delivered the furniture to Mr. Samimi,” said the source.

Kayvan Samimi, Editor-in-Chief of the banned newspaper Nameh, member of the Society in Defense of Press Freedom, and member of the Committee to Pursue Arbitrary Arrests and The Right To Education Committee, was arrested at his home on 13 June 2009, just one day after the disputed presidential election. He was sentenced to six years in prison at Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court. He was transferred to Rajaee Shahr Prison in December 2009 along with several other political prisoners. Samimi has gone on multiple hunger strikes in prison.


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The Continued Arbitrary Detention of Kouhyar Goudarzi And His Mother

A relative of human rights activist and banned student Kouhyar Goudarzi, who was arrested and transferred to an unknown location on 31 July by unidentified forces, spoke with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about Goudarzi’s arrest. “Kouhyar was a guest at a friend’s home when he, his host, and another guest were arrested. Unofficial sources told us that Kouhyar and the other two individuals with him were arrested by Intelligence Ministry forces. However, judicial and security authorities have so far maintained silence about this and we remain in a complete information blackout. We do not know which individuals carried out the arrests and with what intentions. Some of the neighbors of the home in which Kouhyar was arrested have said that plainclothes individuals entered the home by force and without showing a warrant, taking the three with them after a while.”

Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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