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Colbert – June 15, 2011 – Shorts and necklaces banned in Iran

Bitte weiterleiten! Realsatire zur Verbannung von Ketten und Shorts im Iran!

ARTE – Iran: Afghanen bauen Teheran vom 18. JUNI 2011

Iran: Afghanen bauen Teheran

Von Alex Gohari – ARTE GEIE / Premières Lignes TV – Frankreich 2011

Offiziell leben im Iran eine Million Flüchtlinge aus Afghanistan – es sind aber wohl viel mehr, inoffiziell, die aus Verzweiflung über die Gewalt, die Arbeitslosigkeit und das Elend in ihrer Heimat die Grenze zwischen Afghanistan und dem Iran überwinden.

The Iranian Bomb

  •  LATMA

    The Iranian Bomb

  • The crew at Latma is on vacation this week. We’ll be back next week with a new show.
    So I take this opportunity to present one of my all-time favorite Latma tunes – The Iranian Bomb Song.
  • It seems to go with the message of my latest columne

Sixteen More Prisoners Executed Secretly in Mashad on 23 & 24 May


Reliable sources have told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that another round of unannounced secret group executions took place in Vakilabad Prison in Mashad on 23 and 24 May.

Twelve prisoners were hanged during secret group executions on 23 May. All 12 prisoners were allegedly charged with drug trafficking. Four other prisoners were executed on 24 May; among them three sisters. The three sisters are said to have been also allegedly convicted of drug trafficking charges. The fourth executed prisoner was charged with rape.

The Campaign was able to gather more information about the executions carried out in April and May, reported by the Campaign in the past few weeks. According to reports, 10 inmates were secretly hanged at Vakilabad Prison on 6 April. Also, on 13 April, 12 other prisoners were executed.

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After Writing Letter Detailing Torture and Abuse, Abdollah Momeni Denied Basic Prisoner Rights

In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, activist Abdollah Momeni’s wife, Fatemeh Adinehvand, expressed concern about Momeni’s physical condition. “Mr. Momeni suffers from backache and has a heart condition. Since last week, he has been transferred to the prison infirmary twice. He received painkiller injections twice in order to relieve his back pain. He needs treatment outside the prison, but prison officials do not pay any attention to our requests for granting him furlough,” Adinehvand said.

Abdollah Momeni, a former spokesperson for Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat (Office to Foster Unity) student organization, was arrested following the 2009 presidential election. He is currently serving his prison sentence of four years and 11 months inside Ward 350 of Evin Prison in Tehran.

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“Gross Negligence, Rulers Wanted Him Dead,” Says Hoda Saber’s Former Cellmate


In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, political activist Reza Alijani, talked about his former cellmate Hoda Saber and his death. “All the evidence shows that the rulers and security apparatus wanted him to die,” Alijani told the Campaign. “I see Hoda’s death as an invisible execution and a type of threat against others on hunger strike, that if they continue their strike, they will face death,” he said, referencing the negligence of prison authorities that resulted in Saber’s death.

Following his hunger strike and subsequent heart attack, journalist and Nationalist-Religious political activist Hoda Saber died on the morning of 11 June. Saber had been on a hunger strike since 2 June to protest events leading to the death of Haleh Sahabi. Starting on Friday morning, as Saber’s health deteriorated, he repeatedly asked prison authorities for help, but was transferred to Tehran’s Modarres Hospital hours later, where he died of a heart attack following his hunger strike.

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UN rights investigator on Iran named‎ 17 June 2011

7 minutes of Iran police brutallity(V+)فیلم لحظه شلیک به ندا+دروغ رادا


Shocking Confidential Report Admits to Iranian TV’s Provocation of Post-Election Uprising


The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has obtained an exclusive copy of a confidential report prepared by a sub-division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), in which the IRIB’s performance following the 2009 presidential election is seriously criticized and the network is held responsible for widespread protests arising from the announcement of the election results. The confidential report is dated 9 August 2009.
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