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WSJ: „A leading member of Saudi Arabia’s royal family warned that Riyadh could seek to supplant Iran’s oil exports if the country doesn’t constrain its nuclear program, a move that could hobble Tehran’s finances. In closed-door remarks earlier this month, Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal also strongly implied that Riyadh would be forced to follow suit if Tehran pushed ahead to develop nuclear weapons and said Saudi Arabia is preparing to employ all of its economic, diplomatic and security assets to confront Tehran’s regional ambitions. ‚Iran is very vulnerable in the oil sector, and it is there that more could be done to squeeze the current government,‘ Prince Turki, a former Saudi ambassador to the U.S. and U.K., told a private gathering of American and British servicemen at RAF Molesworth airbase outside London. The Arab Spring uprisings are intensifying the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran, who face off across the Persian Gulf and jostle for influence with neighbors from Syria to Yemen. It’s a Cold War, fueled by oil and ideology, between Shiite Islamists who rule Iran and the Sunni Saudi royal family, each of whom consider themselves leaders of the world’s Muslim populations.“

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URGENT: Contact Swedish Migration Office and Swedish Embassies & Consulates to Stop Deportation of Sanan Ashrafi to Execution in Iran

Iranian opposition activist Sanan Ashrafi will be detained, tortured, and probably executed if returned to Iran. It is urgent that this deportation be halted. Your urgent assistance is required to do so – the Swedish government has already issued his plane tickets for Friday, 1 July 2011.


Facts of the case (derived from legal statement): Use these points when talking with Swedish government staff:
– Sanan was a political activist against the regime while he was living in Kurdistan, Iran. Anti-regime activists are usually charged with propagating against the regime and moharebeh, which carries the death sentence in Iran.
– As a result of organizing a protest demonstration against the regime’s execution by torture of a young boy, Shoana Ghader, Sanan was himself brutally tortured in one of the Islamic Republic’s torture houses for 6 months, during which time he was interrogated under intense pressure 26 times, and tortured in the form of beatings against all parts of his body and kicks to his stomach and genitals. He was hung from his arms above his head. He received blows to his kidneys, and the Islamic Republic authorities hung weights from his testicles.

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Some of Many Case Reports of Serious Violation presented to the side panel of the United Nations Human Rights Council

17th session of the Human Rights Council, Geneva
Human Rights Situation In Iran
Palais des Nations, ROOM: VIII
Friday, June 10, 2011

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An open letter from The “Mothers of Laleh Park” -Mourning Mothers of Iran- to the United Nations special Rapporteur

An open letter from The “Mothers of Laleh Park”

 (Mourning Mothers of Iran ((1)

 to the United Nations special Rapporteur

 regarding the investigation of the human rights in Iran


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Amnesty International Annual Report 2011: Iran


Head of state: Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei (Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran)
Head of government: Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (President- not legal)
Death penalty: retentionist
Population: 75.1 million
Life expectancy: 71.9 years
Under-5 mortality (m/f): 33/35 per 1,000
Adult literacy: 82.3 per cent

The authorities maintained severe restrictions on freedom of expression, association and assembly. Sweeping controls on domestic and international media aimed at reducing Iranians’ contact with the outside world were imposed. Individuals and groups risked arrest, torture and imprisonment if perceived as co-operating with human rights and foreign-based Persian-language media organizations. Political dissidents, women’s and minority rights activists and other human rights defenders, lawyers, journalists and students were rounded up in mass and other arrests and hundreds were imprisoned. Torture and other ill-treatment of detainees were routine and committed with impunity. Women continued to face discrimination under the law and in practice. The authorities acknowledged 252 executions, but there were credible reports of more than 300 other executions. The true total could be even higher. At least one juvenile offender was executed. Sentences of death by stoning continued to be passed, but no stonings were known to have been carried out. Floggings and an increased number of amputations were carried out.

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Radio Zamaneh: UN rights investigator appointed for Iran

The United Nations has appointed Ahmad Shaheed, the former foreign minister of Maldives, as special rapporteur on human rights for Iran.

In March, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution calling for such an appointment.

The resolution, a joint proposal by the U.S. and Sweden, was approved 22-7 with 14 abstentions. Britain France and Brazil supported the proposal while Russia and China rejected it.

In recent months, the UN General Assembly, the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and the UN Secretary General have expressed grave concern over the Islamic Republic’s crackdown on opposition figures and its increased use of death penalties.

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UN Working Groups tells Iran ‘Release Kiarash Kamrani’: Will Officials Ignore the High-Ranking Body?

On 8 June 2011, the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention determined that Kiarash Kamrani’s detention in Iran is “arbitrary detention.” The Working Group urged the Iranian government to take the necessary steps to remedy the situation, including the immediate release of Kamrani and adequate reparation to him.

The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention is aUN-mandated body of experts that investigates cases of arbitrary arrest and detention that may be in violation of international human rights law. It is effectively the highest international authority on the laws of detention. The Working Group is also empowered to receive and make official findings on the legality of detentions in individual cases.

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EIL: Nach 49 Tagen Hungerstreik ist das Leben von Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri stark gefährdet

EILmeldung: Nach 49 Tagen Hungerstreik ist das Leben von Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri stark gefährdet. Meldungen aus dem Umfeld bestätigen den schlechten Gesundheitszustand!


Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri
Internationally celebrated founder of two therapeutic approaches “Faradarmani” & “Psymentology” from Iran facing capital punishment in Iran

Dr. MA Taheri splendid achievements, honorary degrees, certificates and gold medals from Belgium, Romania, Russia and South Korea, among others, for founding the above-mentioned therapeutic approaches being genuinely Iranian, Islamic and spiritual.
Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri, an academic entity, also a spiritual master, is an internationally celebrated founder of two medical therapeutic approaches: “Faradarmani” & “Psymentology” from Iran (description page 4). His methodology and approach have been a source of awareness and realization to countless people seeking wisdom, i.e. Interuniversal Consciousness. After a couple of times and quite on groundless and forged accusations, he (and many of his fellow students nationwide) have been so far arrested and now imprisoned for another time! Contrary to what he has been advocating tirelessly ever since (supporting established religious beliefs and social moralities), according to the media & press some very serious accusations are now facing him, increasing in variety & severity, posing capital punishment on him, in this doomed land of thoughtlessness & lawlessness!

Imprisoned Journalist Hengameh Shahidi on Medical Leave

An informed source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that journalist and political activist Hengameh Shahidi has been allowed medical leave for the first time in eight months. Shahidi was among the journalists and activists arrested after the disputed 2009 presidential election, and the only female journalist who is currently serving her prison sentence. Shahidi was sentenced to six years in prison and so far she has served close to one-third of her sentence.

Tehran’s Prosecutor agreed to putting Shahidi on medical leave for 48 hours, which is extendable. Suffering from a variety of illnesses, Shahidi was last allowed medical leave for 12 days in November 2010.



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TV-Tipp: RBB – Donnerstag, 23.Juni2 011, 23 Uhr, „Anstoss in Teheran – Football Under Cover“

Do 23.06.11 23:00 – 00:25

Anstoß in Teheran

Football Under Cover

Anstoß in Teheran  Quelle: RBB-online

Teheran im April 2006: Die iranische Frauenfußball-Nationalmannschaft, die bislang nur in einer Halle – geschützt vor den Blicken der Männer – spielen durfte, spielt gegen eine Frauenmannschaft aus Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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